The Sensory Areas Of Cerebral Cortex
September 25, 2019

The cerebral cortex contains bilaterally situated sensory areas or centers into which the sensory projection fibers discharge.

  1. The somesthetic area.
  2. The visual area.
  3. The auditory area. 4. The olfactory area.
The first three areas are found in the neopallium while the forth is situated in the archipallium. The somesthetic area : This receives impulses ....

Tract Types of Spinal Cord
September 25, 2019
Here is presented the different types of tracts inside the Spinal cord. Those Tracts are of high importance inside the nervous system.   Dorsal Spinocerebellar tract: The fibers of this tract arise from the cells of the nucleus dorsalis (N.D.: the well defined collection of cells occupying, the inner part of the base ....