Introduction to C programming for SCADA monitoring systems
September 25, 2019
SCADA monitoring refers to collecting the status of certain indicators and then sends them to a central station. Those indicators may represent the status of line voltages, the status of currents out of the station, the degree of temperature at the current station, etc. Writing c program for a SCADA system is not difficult provided ....

Process Control System Elements
September 25, 2019
Process control refers to adjusting a variable element to a certain setpoint where that element is under external influences that could deviate far from that setpoint. If those influences are strong enough deviating the element under control from the setpoint, the control system must be able to return the variable ....

Ultrasonic Transducer driving by Chopper Based Transistor Circuit
September 25, 2019
Driving transducers is an easy task if the basic principles are well understood. The basic idea is to build very fast switching circuit in the frequency range specified for the ultrasonic transducer.  It can be in the range of 22-50 KHZ, 100-300 KHZ, or 1MHZ to 3 MHZ. The basic switching ....

LCD Programming Example using C Language
September 25, 2019
The following program is an example of LCD based interface where the user enter data using 16*2 LCD. The Microcontroller used is PIC16F877A. The idea is to pic time, power and operate for the time picked The parameters that the user input are as follow:
  1. Working time.
  2. ramping time.
  3. prepare time
  4. ....

    Chopper based Stepper Motor Driver for CNC
    September 25, 2019
    CNC machines require heavy duty stepper drivers to operate the CNC motors. In large machines, those motors tend to have high inductance. On the other hand, more loads are required for those motors at high speeds. This leads to the use of current choppers to drive those motors. One example ....

    Fully controlled dc power supply Design
    September 25, 2019
    Functions: Control the output of of dc power supply. Voltage range is 1- 100 v rectified output. Time can be adjusted: Squees time in the range of 0- 59 s Ramping time : 0-59 s Working time: 0-59 minutes.   Basic blocks of the system: The microcontroller: it controls the  output circuit supplying the thryistors and also control the ....

    How to Read Barcode data from GigaTMS Scanner
    September 25, 2019
    Reading barcode data from barcode scanner is not difficult using PIc microcontroller from Microchip or any other microcontroller such as Atmel. The key trick is to know the encoding correctly in terms of binary pulses. basically the barcode is represented in black and white strips. Each may be wide or ....

    How to send data over power Line for Automation Systems
    September 25, 2019
    Home automation requires sending data remotely between two remote control units. Basically, there is a master device that monitors the status of some end points. Depending on the status, some actions are taken by sending for instance, an argent alarm to the user.   The most critical part in the home automation ....

    Sending Data to Remote Server using GPRS Modem
    September 25, 2019

    Many applications require sending data to remote servers for the sake of end point monitoring. This is especially required for Scada Control systems. In such systems, a collection of status signals are required to be monitored periodically. If the status is changed, the operator ....